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Ipagsa is a national company established in 1986,

with headquarters and production facility in Rubi, Barcelona, it has a wide presence and business activity in every area. Ipagsa has a clear export orientation, making their products present in over 70 countries worldwide, allocating 80% of its production to marketing in countries outside of our borders. Ipagsa itself has a branch in Hong Kong and extensive collaboration with international distributors.

We allocate very big technical and human resources

to our R&D department. In our laboratories we develop the technology necessary to give our partners and customers the most reliable products at competitive prices.

We offer to the graphic industry business high quality products, stable and consistent but also very enviromental friendly. The quality of our plates is our main focus.

Company Company

Ipagsa has a clear exporting vocation

Destining more than the 80% of the overall production to the worldwide market. More than 70 countries are relying on our seriousness, experience, service and quality.