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Press machine > FOUNT PH SYSTEM PLUS 01

  • Fountain solution additive. pH stabilizer.
  • Concentrated


Contains corrosion inhibitors and agents to accelerate the drying of the printed ink.

Maintains constant pH values.

Perfect ink - water balance after only a few copies, and stable during the presswork.

Contains additives to reduce the percentage of isopropyl alcohol, being able to work between 5 and 8 %.

Permits fast start-up without dirt or scumming.

Creates a hygroscopic film that allows a reduction in the quantity of water on the plate, obtaining a good edge sharpening

screen dots.

Prevents the formation of algae, fungus etc. in the tank and circulation systems of the machine. Contains effective biocides

and bactericides.

Technical information taken from machinery manufacturer’s manual, IPAGSA reserves the rights to modify or change the technical parameters without prior notice.